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We want to take this time to give special thanks to Anne and Blake at Outhouse Image & Design for doing so much for our rescue!  They have generously donated our banners, magnets and small handouts since we first began.  Their support is amazing and there are not enough words to say how much we appreciate everything they have done for our organization.

In 2010, they were one of the first adopters when the idea of starting a rescue first came about.  They met Buxton (then called Wade from Missouri) and fell in love with this guy from the first day they met him.  Buxton is the official greeter at the South Buxton Raceway.  He enjoys watching the races with the spectators sitting in the stands, wading around in the huge pond on the property and has met a lot of friends since joining Anne and Blake’s family.

This year, they have again offered their generosity and assistance to help design a float for CK Animal Rescue to participate in the 2011 Chatham Christmas Parade in November.  They will be working with one of our newest volunteers, Katie Watson.  They have come up with some wonderful ideas that we are all excited to participate in and see the final rescue miracle on wheels this year.

Thank you both for having faith in our mission to save our dogs who would otherwise have no chance,.  It’s because of the caring hearts of Anne and Blake along with so many volunteers and our foster families that we have come so far since the beginning of 2011.  We will be forever grateful!

Please support the fine work of Outhouse Image & Design and tell them thanks!  Visit their webpage!