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We were recently contacted by Nicole St-Onge of NCS Photography offering her service as a photographer to help with updating pictures of our rescues.  Of course, we are thrilled to work with Nicole!

Nicole is a Furtographer.

What is a Furtographer?  We’ll let Nicole explain it in her own words…..

You know that special bonding people have with their pets?  And how so often the four-legged members of our families are treated just like our children!

Wouldn’t it be great if your furkids were also able to have their portrait taken so you could proudly display it your on wall right next to all your other family photos?

At NCS Pet Photography, we have the best job in the world!  We’re the ones who create those beautiful wall portraits of your furbabies!

We are Furtographers, and photographing your furkids is our speciality!

Visit Nicole’s NCS Photography webpage to see her amazing work!