Brodie found himself homeless and looking for a family who would love him forever…and he got his wish! His new family met him and it was a love connection from the second they met him. Brodie is an adorable little guy with personality plus that melts every heart he meets. Thanks to everyone who helped Brodie get his second chance!

Little Emmie found herself in a high kill shelter and time was running out. She was an 11th hour pull thanks to volunteers. She hitched a ride to our rescue a short time ago and made herself right at home! She is the princess in her home and has a big brother and a foster sister she loves to play with. Emmie has a wonderful life ahead of her and we are thrilled she got her second chance!

Sweet Pete came to our rescue when he lost his elderly owner and he had nowhere to go. His family contacted us and we are so happy we said yes because Pete is one handsome charmer! For being a senior, he acts like a puppy on a mission to have the best time ever! Pete met his new family today and it was love. Thanks to everyone who helped Pete’s dream of a family come true! He will be the center of attention and he has many amazing memories to make!

Kane is a happy 2 yr old puppy who loves life! He doesn’t have a care in the world, his preference is to hang out with some two legged buddies and enjoy what life has to offer. This big loverbud is sweet as candy and knows how to melt every heart he meets. Kane met his new family today and it was a love connection! This big boy has a wonderful new life ahead of him and we are all very happy for him! Thanks to everyone who made his dream come true to have his own forever family!

Little Marco found himself in a high kill shelter, he is only a few months old. This experience is so frightening for every dog. He is a shy little guy. Thanks to his foster families, he learned to trust again. Marco met his new family who told him they would help him like his foster families did….they loved him instantly. Marco’s beginning was not as it should be for a sweet little puppy, but we know how his future will be – very much loved and spoiled! Thanks to everyone who helped Marco get his Second Chance!

Some dogs come into our rescue and they touch many hearts. Terry is one of those little ones who has been with our rescue for 11 months. He is one of the special ones with special needs and it took some time to find a family who truly understood his needs. Sadly we don’t know anything about his former life. He found himself in a high kill shelter. Terry had a few obstacles to overcome and with the love of his foster family he was able to become one happy little guy with so much to look forward to. It took a couple of visits to ensure Terry was comfortable with his new family, enjoy some happy moments from his adoption. Thanks to everyone who helped Terry get his Happy Ending!

Beautiful Abbie found herself in a high kill shelter. Thanks for rescue friends she was pulled and placed into a foster home until we could move her to our rescue. She has come such a long way from being the frightened girl she was to being a stunning beauty she is now! Thanks to everyone who helped Abbie get her Happy Ending!

Sam found his way to a home and all alone. The family who found him posted his picture on Facebook, saying they could not keep him. Thanks to one of our rescue friends, they picked up this adorable little chatterbug and helped him get moved into our foster program. Sam loves to talk! He is quite the little talker! He met his new family today and his new friend! It was a great meet ‘n greet, Sam felt very much at home and that’s what he did……he found his new home! Thanks to everyone who gave Sam his second chance!

Cutie Chloe is now in her forever home with her big four legged brother and a cat who preferred to go in his own direction. He wasn’t sure what to make of little Chloe and her playful personality. She has a beautiful big yard and loving home with a new mom and dad who fell in love the minute they met her. Thanks to everyone who helped Chloe get her Happy Ending!

Baby Peppin met his new family today and his new big brother Benson (adopted a few days ago). He was taking all the new changes in while still wanting to get in some play time too with his new family. Benson was very curious about his little bro, he can’t wait until he is a little bigger to play. Thanks to everyone who helped Peppin get his Happy Ending!