This sweet little mom/son due lost their home a few months ago. It was a heartwrenching scene from the child’s view when her family gave away her little dogs. The heartbreak for these little ones is history now. It’s been a few months since they came into our foster program and we know that good things come to those who wait! Scooter, the little guy, was so excited to meet his new dad, he was fascinated with him – wanted belly rubs, wanted to stay close by and make sure he was seen! Brownie found her new forever lap to lay her little head. Thanks to everyone who made this very special Happy Ending a reality!

Ramzi came from a horrible situation where he was so neglected. He was missing fur and kept in an undersized crate most of his life. Thankfully one of our rescue friends was asked about him and he made his way to Canada. He has flourished under the care of very loving foster families and now he has found his forever home! He is a smart little guy with so much love to give, we are grateful to have played a small part in helping him get his second chance! Thanks to everyone who helped Ramzi on his journey.

Curly is just a baby and found himself without a home! He recently came to our foster program and captured hearts everywhere he went! His new family saw his picture and it was love at first sight – they couldn’t wait to meet him. Curly has a little four legged buddy to play with and a lifetime of love and fun ahead of him! Thanks to everyone who made this Happy Ending a reality!

Sully was found wandering on his own in a neighbourhood for a few weeks. No one came looking for him. Luckily for him one of our long distance volunteers took him in and he made his way into our foster program. Sully has made himself right at home with his new family and he has no plans to run away from home. He is really enjoying playtime in his yard and having fun with his new kids! Thanks to everyone who helped Sully get his Second Chance!

Riley is such a great boy, he found himself in a high kill shelter. Thanks to rescue friends, we were able to help Riley get out to have the opportunity to find his forever family. Today he walked into his new home and loves his new family! Riley has a wonderful life ahead of him and we are so thankful for the help to make this possible. Thanks to everyone who helped Riley get his Second Chance!

Beautiful Flicka found herself in a high kill shelter a few months ago. We were contacted and asked if we could give her a chance. When you look at this face who could resist! Flicka is the most loving, playful girl with so much energy! She fell in lover with her family and is on her way to her amazing new life! Thanks to everyone who helped Flicka get her second chance. This girl really deserved it.

Abby came into our foster program as an owner surrender. We were told that someone took her to a garage sale and told the home owner they no longer wanted her and if she was not rehomed, she would be shot. We couldn’t let this sweet, laid back girl down and took her into our foster program. From looking at her teeth which are ground down and a few other things, it is plain to see she was used as a puppy machine for someone’s profit. That was taken care of and she is now in a very loving home who fell in love with her the minute they met her. Thanks to everyone who helped Abby find her Happy Ending!

Adorable little Dory found her forever home today and this little girl has a lot of love and cuddles coming her way! She came from the hoarding/breeding situation last year and was returned recently due to a death in the family and a severe house fire that she was fortunate to have made it out alive. Dory has some angels watching out for her. We know her new family are going to treat her like the princess she is! Thanks to everyone who helped Dory get her Third Chance at happiness, she deserves it!

The amazing Ms Scarlett O’Hara made it official, she was not leaving her foster mom and has big plans to spend many years with her. Scarlett was a stray in a high kill shelter. Thanks to some of our wonderful volunteers, she was pulled and placed into a foster home until we could get her moved to our foster program. She is a doll! Scarlett has so much charm and personality, you can’t help but fall in love with her. Her foster mom had a broken heart from losing a long term foster a few months ago. Scarlett knows how a broken heart feels too. These two were a match made in heaven! Thanks to the foster mom’s sister for donating the adoption fee to give her sister a precious gift – Scarlett O’Hara. Thank you to everyone who helped this little princess get her Second Chance!

Sweet little Lollipop was the last of a group of 25 dogs who came to our rescue from a hoarding/breeding situation. She was very fearful and knew nothing about the world outside the home she was held captive. She has learned so much in the past year since she entered our foster program, thanks to her patient, loving foster families. Lolli has learned to be curious about new surroundings and wants to explore every corner she discovers. It’s very heartwarming to see how far she has come and now we have the opportunity to enjoy watching Lolli experience her forever home and all the wonderful things in store for her. Thanks to everyone who helped Lollipop get her Second Chance!