Baby Marcel met his big brother and his family today, he approved his new life within seconds! He and his big brother Mowgli ran around and played and then Marcel needed a little nap, he was all tuckered out! This little boy has a wonderful future ahead of him, filled with much love! Thanks to everyone who helped Marcel get his Happy Ending!

Buddy and his mom were found living under a trailer. Both had severe mange and in horrible condition. Buddy came to our rescue several weeks ago. He met his new family and made himself right at home once his bed and toys were put on the floor. Buddy loves to play ball, he’ll be teaching his new dad how to toss it. He has a lovely back yard to enjoy and his family hope he will enjoy taking a boat ride from time to time too. Thanks to everyone who helped Buddy get his second chance!

Baby Bijou met her new family and big sister – love was in the air! What is there to say about an adorable little puppy who is filled with love and wonder and curiosity! She has a loving family who cherish her, Bijou has a wonderful life ahead of her! Thanks to everyone who made this Happy ending possible!

These adorable little girls were left homeless when their former owner passed away. They have been in our foster program for awhile until we found the perfect home where there was a love connection. The girls met their new family and took a stroll to our festival before heading home! Sammy and Penny are the cutest little ladies who have a wonderful, loving life ahead of them. We are so proud to play a small part in them getting their happy ending! Thanks to everyone who helped them get their second chance!

Puppy Girl was being given away by her former family and no where to go. She came into our foster program a few weeks ago and made herself right at home! Puppy is a very loving, sweet natured little girl, we can’t imagine anyone not keeping her. Their loss is our gain and her new family loves her unconditionally! Thanks to everyone who helped Puppy Girl get her second chance!

Mikka entered our foster program a few weeks ago and patiently waited for her forever family to find her. She absolutely loves people and is a charmer! This girl is a beauty! Graceful, alert and adorable. Mikka meet her new family and there was no hesitation, she loves her new back yard, loves the affection of her new family and has a wonderful future ahead of her! Thanks to everyone who helped Mikka get her second chance!

Smokey is a little senior who found himself and his buddy homeless. A very nice lady who is a groomer gave these little seniors a safe place to stay while she tried to find them a forever home. His little buddy passed away and left him with a broken heart. Smokey recently entered our foster program because we love seniors and believe they deserve a second chance too. This little guy landed himself a family who love him unconditionally and his fears are gone. Smokey is now buddy to Norman, one of our former foster “kids”. These two are the cutest duo! Thanks to everybody who helped Smokey get his second chance, he deserves it!

Benson confidently walked into his new home and made himself right at home! He checked out every little nook and corner, took a stroll around his new pool, checked out his new bed and all the cool toys waiting for him. Benson loves to empty the toy box, he is a bit of a toy hog, especially the squeaky ones! He enjoyed some belly rubs and a few treats. This little guy has a wonderful new life ahead of him and we are all thrilled! Thanks to everyone who helped Benson get his Second chance!

No more lonely nights for this little girl! Her homeless days are behind her as she begins her new journey with her new family. She has a couple four legged buddies to keep her company plus she is an experienced camper! Cricket is an awesome little girl and we are all thrilled that she now has her forever home! Thanks to everyone who made her miracle a reality!

Sweet little Mona Lee met her new sibling and the two of them hit it right off! It was instant play and run, play and run for the entire meet ‘n greet. Mona was excited to have another energetic little playmate. Her former life of being homeless is behind her now and we wish her the happiest life ever! Thanks to everyone who helped Mona Lee get her Happy Ending!