Mya is an older sweetheart who recently came to our foster program. She has an addicting personality and sweet charm about her. Mya met her new family today and they welcomed her with two beautiful Welcome Home Mya signs that were very touching! She bonded with her new family who also have many familiar feelings for her from her former life – happy kids, future tea parties and a big yard to romp and play. Thanks to everyone who helped Mya get her second chance!

This sweet little girl made up her mind her foster home is where she wanted to stay forever, and she got her wish on National Puppy Day! Precious came to our rescue several weeks ago and we promised we would find her a great home….and we kept our promise! She is a little shy when you first meet her but her little sister Cookie shows her it’s ok to hop up her back legs to check things out when someone new stops by. She is best buds with her adopted sister Cookie. We are very happy for Precious and wish her many years of love and happiness! Thanks to everyone who helped Precious get her Happy Ending!

Bonnie was found in a high kill shelter as a tiny little puppy by a rescue friend. Our friend kept Bonnie until she was old enough to travel to our foster program. She was shy little girl when she arrived. When Bonnie met her new family, she hopped up on the sofa and made herself right at home! She has a life full of love and lots of playtime ahead of her and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who helped Bonnie get her Happy Ending!

Dunnegan decided he liked things just the way they were at his foster home, he had no wish to go anywhere else. He has been in our foster program for several weeks now and has come such a long way from the very timid soul he was when he first arrived. He is still cautious but didn’t mind getting a few treats during his adoption, that was the easy part! He is still a little camera shy. We wish him many years of love and happy times! Thanks to everyone who helped Dunnegan get his second chance!

St. Patrick’s Day was a special occasion for one of our recent newcomers to our rescue. Molly was homeless and waiting for her wish to come true. Molly finalized the deal to make her dreams come true to have her forever family. She loves her new family and her new home. Lots of love is in store for this little princess! Thanks to everyone who helped Molly get her Second Chance!

This handsome little guy came to our rescue a few weeks ago. He has learned to play with toys and has been the funniest little guy to watch come out of his shell. Milo has the prance of a little prince when he is strutting around, he is very confident now and loves attention! He met his new family and checked out every corner of their home and his new big back yard. Milo has a wonderful life ahead of him and we are so happy for him! Thanks to everyone who helped Milo get his second chance!

Sandy came to our rescue almost two years ago. She was a fearful, scared girl who hid under her foster mom’s bed for weeks. Thanks to the love and patience of her foster mom, she gained the confidence to not be afraid. Sandy was very comfortable meeting her new family and she wanted to stay. She has come so far, we are so proud of her! Thanks to everyone who helped Sandy’s dream come true to have her own loving forever family!

Harper waltzed into her new home a few weeks ago and make herself right at home! She came to us as a puppy and circumstances changed where she was returned to our foster program. Harper is one happy go lucky girl! She is also helping her new sister feel more comfortable about new things in life and getting her to enjoy life! The two have become BFFs! Thanks to everyone who helped Harper get her Second Chance!

Hurley and his brother came to our foster program several months ago. Hurley has come a long way from being the scraggly raggamuffin he was to a funny, outgoing, playful little guy! He met his new family and he walked in and owned his new home right away. He was all smiles, up and off the furniture, found some toys and said yes, this is my home now! Thanks to everyone who helped Hurley get his Second chance!

Sweet Susie Q was found in a high kill shelter. No one came looking for her and her time was nearly up. One of our rescue friends pulled her to safety and kept her until we could move her to our foster program. Susie Q is a very quiet, sweet little girl who really just wants to be loved. She met her new family today and she sure loved her new dad right away! She has a beautiful home and a very loving family to take care of her. Thanks to everyone who helped Susie Q get her second chance!